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Terms & Conditions

Article 1: Definitions

1.1 Company: refers to the sole proprietorship Soulfuel Your Life, statutory registered at the Finnish Chamber of Commerce under number Y-2956893-5, based in Helsinki, Finland, and host of the domains www.soulfuelyourlife.com and www.soulfuelyourlife.academy.

1.2 Site: the main website of the Company: www.soulfuelyourlife.com.

1.3 Coach: refers to the coach and owner of the Company, Anouk Hummel.

1.4 Customer: a natural person that purchased a service from the Company.

1.5 Parties: both the Customer and Company.

1.6 Coaching service, or service: the service provided by the Company, via one-time one on one sessions, individual follow-up sessions, or coaching offered as part of a coaching program.

1.7 Coaching program: a number of group services and/or individual coaching services, including online services, for a limited duration, offered as a package.

1.8 Online service: Online service package, that may or may not be part of a coaching program, and provides a collection of coaching material via mediums such as, but not limited to, video, audio and text files, and is purchased by the Customer via automated individual decision-making.

1.9 Online Community: former and current Customers from the Company in private social media groups.

1.10 Third Parties: organizations or natural persons, connected or related to the Company outside the scope of Customers, as defined in these terms and conditions.

Article 2: Applicability

2.1 These terms and conditions apply to all Coaching services, special offers, orders, agreements and deliveries of services on behalf of the Company, from the date of the order and throughout the performance of the service.

2.2 These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the privacy policy, available on the website www.soulfuelyourlife.com.

2.3 The Company excludes the applicability of supplementary and/or deviating general terms and conditions of the Customer or Third Parties.

Article 3: Commencement

3.1 Immediately after the Company receives payment the Parties are in agreement upon which the Company will provide a service to the Customer.

3.2 The Customer receives, after fulfillment of payment, a direct link to book the service for a specific time and date, which remains valid for 6 months. It falls under the sole responsibility of the Customer to schedule the service.

3.3 If a coaching program requires an orientation call beforehand, the service will not commence until payment has been received by the Company.

3.4 If Parties have agreed to fulfill payment in terms, commencement of the service shall not begin until at least the first payment term has been received by the Company.

3.5 The service provided by the Company is a personal right and may not be transferred to other parties, unless Parties have agreed otherwise.

Article 4: Payment

4.1 The prices for the services displayed on the website include tax (VAT and other taxes applicable on the day of the order), unless otherwise indicated.

4.2 The prices are in euros. Bank exchange and/or commission fees remain the responsibility of the Customer.

4.3 The Company reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. The services will be invoiced on the basis of the price in force at the time of validation of the order and subject to availability.

4.4 The Company reserves the right to cancel orders due to incorrectly priced services displayed on the Site, of which the Customer could have reasonably understood, did not reflect the services offered.

4.5 In the event the Company does not accept the order for the service and payment, the service shall be deemed cancelled and the Customer shall not be entitled to any compensation thereof.

4.6 In the situation the Customer is in default, which results the price not being paid while the service has commenced, the Company is entitled to charge a reasonable interest per month from the day of nonpayment, whereby a part of a month is counted for a whole month.

4.7 When the Customer is in default, the Customer is also due to extrajudicial collection costs and may be obliged to compensate the Company.

4.8 In the event of liquidation, bankruptcy, attachment or suspension of payment on behalf of the Customer, the claims of the Company on the Customer are immediately due and payable.

Article 5: Customer liability

5.1 The Customer acknowledges it has requested, obtained and received all necessary information and/or all additional information required to place an order for the service.

5.2 The Customer recognizes the nature, intended use and terms of use of the services offered. It comes solely to the responsibility of the Customer to assess that the services, offered by the Company, meet its needs. The Customer is solely liable for the choice of the service it orders.

5.3 The Customer certifies that all information given to the Company, in order to purchase a service, is accurate.

5.4 Participating in the Online Community is at the sole responsibility of the Customer.

Article 6: Right of Cancellation

6.1 In accordance with Chapter 6, Section 14(1), in conjunction with Section 16 of the Finnish Consumer Act (38/1978 amended at 29/2005), it is not possible for the Customer to cancel a booking, which is made directly online, once payment has been received by the Company. In this instance, the Company considers consent for the order has been given by the Customer given the several steps prior to actual payment, such as choosing the service, providing contact details and fulfilling payment.

6.2 A cancellation request for a service, that falls outside the scope of coaching programs and the online service, has to be made by the Customer, and received by the Company with a minimum of 24 hours in advance, and accompanied of good reason. The cancellation will result in a voucher valid for a period of six months, and which responsibility of actual use falls on the Customer.

6.3 In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or unavailability due to bereavement or other commitments, actual or potential conflict of interest, or other reasons that result in the Company being unable to provide further services, the Company can decide to terminate the service to the Customer early. In such circumstances the Company will use reasonable endeavors to provide a mutually satisfactory alternative moment to continue services. If such continuation is deemed impossible, advance payment for services will be refunded, or, in the event of coaching programs, be reasonably compensated.

Article 7: Coaching programs

7.1 The Coaching programs under this Article are defined in Article 1.7 of these terms and conditions.

7.2 Coaching programs require an orientation call before the commencement of the service. After such orientation call both Parties are able to cancel the service until payment has been fulfilled, but not later than 2 weeks.

7.3 Given the specific setup of the coaching programs, cancellation of sessions throughout the duration of a coaching program is not possible.

7.4 One on one services, that are part of a coaching program, have the possibility of re-scheduling for a maximum number of two sessions. The re-scheduled service has to take place within the duration of the coaching program. In the event the service has not been rescheduled during the coaching program, the specific one on one service will fall due, without payment refund. It falls under the responsibility of the Customer to reschedule the service during the coaching program.

7.5 In the event Customers, who take part in the coaching programs, have missed more than three sessions, the Company reserves the right to deny further participation. The Customer evidently loses the right on payment refunds.

7.6 In the rare instance the Customer disturbs, misbehaves, makes repeatedly inappropriate remarks at the dispense of other participants, or acts inappropriate in any other way during group coaching, the Company reserves the right to remove the Customer from the group sessions, and offer to fulfill its obligations in an alternative manner.

7.7 The online service, which is part of a coaching program under Article 1.7 of these terms and conditions, does not fall under the online service as defined in Article 1.8, and is subject to the cancellation clauses of such coaching programs.

Article 8: Online service

8.1 In this Article, online service, as defined in Article 1.8 of these terms and conditions.

8.2 Upon fulfillment of payment, the Company authorizes the Customer access to the online service via electronical instructions and a personal login. This information is non-transferrable and for personal use of the Customer only.

8.3 The Customer is able to access the online service for a period of one year.

8.4 It falls under the responsibility of the Customer to make use of the service within the one-year time period. After this period the personal login expires automatically.

8.5 The Company reserves the right to stop granting access, prior to the expiration date of the service, if these terms and conditions are violated, without payment refund.

8.6 In accordance with Chapter 6, Section 14(1), in conjunction with Section 16 of the Finnish Consumer Act (38/1978 amended at 29/2005), after purchasing the online service, which fall outside the scope of a coaching program, it is never possible to cancel the service, as consent is given throughout several steps of purchasing.

8.7 The Company ensures its best efforts to ensure the quality of the online content, as described on the Site, are faithful to the online content the Customer gains access to.

8.8 The Company does not master the technical limitations of the Customer’s electronical equipment and therefore cannot be held responsible for any limitations of appearing content.

8.9 The Company has no control over what is shown to the Customer by Third Parties when making use of the online service.

Article 9: General Disclaimers

9.1 All Parties acknowledge that neither the Company or the Coach is qualified to give any medical, psychological, therapeutical, legal or any other professional advice. You should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you read, heard or understood when using the website or services from the Company. In the event of a medical emergency, or otherwise, immediately seek emergency assistance.

9.2 The Company cannot nor will not guarantee the Customer for obtaining any results when using any of the offered services.

9.3 The Company has no control over how the given techniques, tools or advices obtained from the service in any form, are put to use by the Customer. Therefore, any expected or unexpected outcome remains in the control and responsibility of the Customer.

Article 10: Third Party Disclaimers

10.1 Customers of the Company receive access to private online community groups, created by the Company on Third Party social media platforms. At all time, the Company has the discretion to refuse or cancel access of the Customer to these groups.

10.2 The Company has no control over the use of the Third-Party platforms by the Customer.

10.3 Parties are bound by the Third-Party terms and conditions, and other legal notices, when making use of the Third-Party platforms and social media services.

10.4 It falls under the responsibility of the Customer to take notice of such legal notices, such as the terms and conditions, terms of use and privacy statement of each (social media or otherwise) platform, hosted by a Third Party.

10.5 The Company has no control for technical modifications or limitations of the service provided on Third Party domains, as a result of actions from the Third Party.

Article 11: Intellectual Property

11.1 All content, including but not limited to the content presented to the Customer in the online service, coaching programs, the Site and Third-Party platforms, which falls under the control of the Company, belongs to the intellectual property rights of the Company, such as the Finnish copyright law and International Treaties.

11.2 The Company does not warrant any altering, modification, copying, distracting, or commercial use of any of the material or code provided, or at the Customer’s disposal in any form.

11.3 Reproductive use of any of the intellectual property materials, including but not limited to the information, documents, texts, illustrations, elements of any nature and including legal notices, will be considered as infringement.

Article 12: Data Protection

12.1 The Company has the right to collect specific personal information about the Customer in order to provide, improve and inform the Customer regarding the services.

12.2 This information, such as banking details, could also be send to Third Parties which contribute to the management, execution and processing of the services.

12.3 The Company keeps the minimum amount of personal data of the Customer to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.

12.4 The Customer may receive marketing offers from the Company, to which the Customer, at any time, can unsubscribe.

12.5 The Customer has the right to access, rectify and oppose the collection of personal data. The Company refers to the Company’s privacy policy, available at the Site, to find more information about this process.

Article 13: Company liability

13.1 The Company has the obligation to provide the Customer the services as described and displayed on the Site at the time of purchasing, to the best of its abilities and with reasonable efforts.

13.2 The Customer has the right to dissolve the service with the Company, if the Company imputably fails in the fulfillment of its obligations, unless this shortcoming does not justify termination due to its special nature or because it is of minor significance.

13.3 If the fulfillment of the Company’s obligations is not permanent or temporarily impossible, dissolution can only take place after the Company is in default.

13.4 The Company has the right to dissolve the agreement with the Customer, if the Customer does not fully or timely fulfill its obligations under the agreement, or if circumstances give the Company good grounds to fear that the Customer will not be able to fulfill its obligations properly.

13.5 The Company is only liable for damages the Customer suffers if insofar the damage is caused by willful intent or gross negligence.

13.6. The Company is only liable for direct damages that results from, or is related to, the execution of the service. The liability will not extend the amount of the service to which the liability is related.

13.7 All content, images, photos, illustrations and descriptions on the website are for indication only and cannot lead to any compensation and/or partial termination of the service, and/or suspension of any obligation.

13.8 The Company cannot be held liable for any damages caused during an order of a service or payment made online, which are of the exclusive liability of Third Parties involved, such as Third-Party hosting platforms and banking institutions.

13.9 The Company is not responsible for damages caused by the Customer, or someone who acts in its place, to other Customers within the coaching program or within the Online Community.

13.10 Any liability claims, directed to the Company, expire two years after the event from which the liability arises directly, or indirectly.

Article 14: Indemnity

The Customer indemnifies the Company against all Third-Party claims that are related to the services from the Company.

Article 15: Force Majeure

15.1 The Company cannot be held liable in case of events of force majeure, such as labor disputes, strikes, war, insurrection, riots, natural disasters, pandemics; defaults and force majeure of Third Parties, unexpected disturbances of power, electricity, internet, computer or telecoms; computer viruses, strikes, government measures, unforeseen transportation problems, bad weather conditions and work stoppages.

15.2 If a situation of force majeure arises as a result of which the Company cannot fulfill one or more obligations towards the customer, these obligations will be suspended until the Company can comply with it. Alternatively, both Parties will look for a solution in good faith.

15.3 The Company does not owe any compensation, damage or otherwise, in a situation of force majeure, even if it has obtained any advantages as a result of the force majeure situation.

Article 16: Right to Modification

16.1 The Company reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions. The online version on the Site will prevail, where applicable, over any other version of terms and conditions.

16.2 In the event substantive changes to these terms and conditions will have effect on the Customer, the Customer is entitled to cancel the service within fourteen days starting from the publication of the modified terms and conditions, unless it is clearly stated the Customer remains subject to the previous terms and conditions.

Article 17: Good faith

Parties agree to perform their obligations under these terms and conditions with utmost good faith.

Article 18: Validity

If one or more stipulations of these terms and conditions are held to be invalid or declared as such pursuant to legislation, regulation, or following a final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations will keep all their strength and their reach.

Article 19: Applicable law

These terms and conditions are subject to Finnish law. In an event of dispute, the Finnish courts will have sole jurisdiction.

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