The life you are meant to live is waiting for you!

Do you feel there is more to you and to life than you’ve been experiencing until now? Do you long to feel more empowered and free, so you can be and express your authentic self fully? Do you feel the desire to shift and to rise up to something bigger, so that you’re able to experience a more meaningful life?

The Soulfuel Your Life Journey is a unique online coaching program, designed for women exactly like you! On this journey you receive the guidance, inspiration and tools enabling you to break through all that’s holding you back in life and to unravel who you really are. So that you’re able to reclaim your soul power, to unleash your magic and to fully up show up for your soul mission.

The Soulfuel Your Life Journey is a deep dive into YOU. An intensive and meaningful online journey of real and deep transformation. With the strong foundation of 6 online modules, inspiring and guiding you through bringing your life in alignment with your soul, and the support of the online SYL Journey CommUnity, you’ll truly be able to make the shift your soul so longs for; the life you are meant to live.

Once you bring your life in alignment with your soul, you’ll experience the shift of true empowerment, joy and freedom in your everyday life. When you allow yourself to be guided by your soul compass, you’ll live your life with grace, ease and flow. YOUR flow! You’ll feel inspired and confident to share your magic, to do what you’re here for on this earth.

The life you are meant to live is waiting for you. Ready to shift? Then let’s go on a journey together!

Let’s go on a SYL journey together

Ways to journey together:

shifting together

SYL Group Journey

This journey is for you if you’re ready to fully commit to going ALL-IN on your transformation! The Soulfuel Your Life Group Journey is truly something special and happens only twice per year. When women unite on their transformational journey, true MAGIC is created! The power of sisterhood helps you to shift even more and deeper, making your journey even more meaningful.

4-months group journey:

  • maximum of 12 women
  • 6 online modules packed with video’s, inspiration, information, soul assignments, all sorts of tools and (spiritual) practices
  • 12 group coaching calls (online, 2 hours each)
  • 3 1:1 coaching calls (online, 1,5 hour each)
  • an online Sisterhood Circle (closed FB Group) for the duration of the journey
  • weekly extra personal guidance and inspiration from me
  • special opening & closing ceremony (online, both 1 hour)
  • unlimited membership in the SYL Journey CommUnity on FB
  • optional: 1:1 coaching extension (3 extra 1:1 calls)

From € 1333 (incl. VAT)

Shifting solo

SYL Solo Journey

This journey is for you if you wish to dedicate your journey fully to yourself and you feel NOW is your time to start. Ready to dive deep into YOU?! The Soulfuel Your Life Solo Journey is all about your own personal transformation, allowing you to fully focus on your inner work.

3-months solo journey:

  • 6 online modules packed with video’s, inspiration, information, soul assignments, all sorts of tools and (spiritual) practices
  • 6 1:1 coaching calls (online, 1,5 hour each)
  • weekly extra personal guidance and inspiration from me
  • unlimited membership in the SYL Journey CommUnity on FB
  • optional: 1:1 coaching extension (6 extra 1:1 calls)

From € 888 (incl. VAT)

in your own time & space

SYL Journey – online modules

Unlimited access to the unique online program (6 modules) of the Soulfuel Your Life Journey. For if you wish to journey by yourself – in your own time and pace. Start anytime you want.

Online modules only:

  • 6 online modules packed with video’s, inspiration, information, soul assignments, all sorts of tools and (spiritual) practices
  • unlimited membership in the SYL Journey CommUnity on FB

From € 333 (incl. VAT)

Others about the SYL Journey


Susanna・Helsinki, Finland

Before I started the SYL Group Journey (pilot edition) Anouk had already been my coach for about 6 months. So I already knew that she is an amazing coach, who is full of empathy and knows exactly what questions to ask to uncover, heal and transform parts of my story and of myself.

Working on myself in a group setting sounded very intriguing, but at the same time I was nervous about embarking on this journey for exactly that reason. I had some doubts: What would it be like to share my deepest fears, emotions and triggers with a group of complete strangers? Will we be able to connect during this journey, as we all seem to have such different backgrounds? And in general, I asked myself: Is it even possible for me to shift, to transform, to really feel different about myself?

Soon after starting the SYL Journey, I realized that this group setting was exactly what I needed: the love, support and questions of my sisters gave me so much inspiration, motivation and security to move forward and to dig even deeper into myself. Very often a comment of one of my sisters was exactly what I needed to make a piece of my own puzzle click and to keep me on track and accountable when I was ready to hide and stick my head into the sand.

Step by step I noticed that something started to shift inside me: I was able to let go of a lot of fear and learned how to recognize and to break old patterns. And even better: I started to learn how to get to know myself better and to reconnect with my values, passions and dreams. My own personal journey is still unfolding, but I feel I have made so much progress with the soulfuel guidance of Anouk and support from our wonderful group of sisters.

I will miss all the community chats and group coaching sessions, which were always filled with laughter, love, tears and encouragement, but I am sure that the bond between us will stay forever and that this journey together will continue. I am incredibly grateful for the past three months!

Kiki・Dordrecht, The Netherlands

I just finished the first SYL Group Journey and I’m so happy I took the leap to join this pilot version. The insights I’ve gained are countless and I’m pretty sure I’m not even aware of all of them right now.

For me the most memorable is the connection I felt with the other women, my sisters on the journey. A group of complete strangers (from different countries and backgrounds) that felt so warm and safe that we shared our deepest thoughts and emotions with each other. It’s so valuable to be in this together, to share your personal journey with like-minded women and to see that our struggles are so much the same, even if they at first sometimes seem like opposites.

When putting all the journey dates (group calls & 1:1 coachings) in my calendar, 4 months seemed like a long time, but it just flew by! I appreciated the length of this journey, because it enabled me to notice how different issues and phases reoccur. I went into resistance mode several times, where I didn’t feel like doing the (inner) work, and when I surrendered to this I felt myself working through some persistent blocks and diving back into the journey wholeheartedly.

I love Anouk’s way of coaching and being our guide on this journey. She is both soft and firm at the same time, she tunes into the vibes of every group call to tend to each of our needs. The coaching calls never felt heavy to me, even when discussing difficult, emotional topics. Anouk seems to feel exactly what you need at every time, alternating between a gentle approach and a push forward. We all did the same soul assignments, but each of us had her own work to do and we all received lots of individual, personal feedback.

The soul assignments were a good anchor point during the journey. Some of them I repeated multiple times, because sometimes I didn’t let my heart speak at first but let my mind rule while working on my assignments. Every time I repeated an assignment I learned more and I got more and more confident in feeling my true self and let my soul shine, instead of living from my mind.

There is enough time on this journey to catch yourself hitting the same blocks over and over and eventually I started catching myself early, which makes me really proud of my growth on this journey. Overall I started to talk a lot nicer to myself in my head. It’s so valuable to meet these other women, whom I would love to see make all their dreams come true, which taught me I’m allowed to root for myself with the same enthusiasm. It was a beautiful journey and I can feel so much of it working through in my whole life, but especially in my heart.

Susanne・Munich, Germany

These past months on the SYL Journey with Anouk was quite a journey where so many things happened – inwardly!

At the beginning I couldn’t imagine being on this journey with a group and other women I didn’t know. But it turned out to be one of the best parts of the SYL Journey experience, because it allowed us to support each other, to be there for each other, relating with each other, as we were going through similar processes. It made me feel not being alone in this journey of healing and transformation.

During the journey we worked through 6 different modules, and accompanying soul assignments on a weekly basis which all built up on each other. All of the assignments, no matter which focus or topic, allowed me to really feel into myself, to connect with myself – not my brain/mind, not my thoughts – but really me. Sometimes this was easy, but often also difficult. as this was quite foreign to me.

With Anouk’s presence and strong guidance, her dedication and enthusiasm for this journey, her experience on having been on a transformational journey herself and her love and kindness for us and our struggles, I always felt very secure and in good hands to go through my own process with her. Her patience and continuous support and encouragement was so helpful, especially when things got challenging and when I was working through a lot of unhealed parts of myself and my story. Step by step things started to really change within myself. A lot of my behaviors, reactions and strategies became very clear. And by seeing this clearly and accepting it, a freedom to choose more freely has set in for me.

I loved the setup of the journey: the foundation of the modules, the continuous soul assignments building up on each other, being together in a lovely group of women and additionally having the regular group calls as well as the 1:1 calls with Anouk. I have learned so much about myself in these couple of months, and I am immensely grateful for Anouk’s guidance and my sisters who journey’d with me!