It’s time to let your soul shine through!

Do you feel it’s time for a change in your life? But do you struggle to hear or pinpoint what your soul is calling you towards? Do you find yourself feeling stuck and repeating the same thought patterns over and over again, without really moving forward?

With my in-depth coaching during my personal Soul Session(s), we create clarity and direction in your life – by looking into where you are in your life, how to manage and balance your energy and how to allow your soul to shine through in all you do.


Let’s create clarity & direction for you

Ways to work together:

clarity & direction

1:1 Soul Session

After your Soul Session (online, 2,5 hours):

  • You know what your soul is calling you towards; your deeper desire/dream is clear.
  • You are aware of your main blocks/limiting beliefs which are holding you back in your life.
  • You have clarity around the inspired actions you can take to move towards realizing your soul desire (dream).
  • You’ll notice a powerful shift in your energy.
  • You’ll feel empowered and enthusiastic about taking steps towards creating the life you are meant to live.
  • Optional: You have the opportunity to book 3 follow up Soul Sessions with me at any time after your initial Soul Session.

€ 333 (incl. VAT)

Extra soul boost

Follow Up Soul Sessions

In need of an extra boost for your soul after your initial Soul Session?

During your follow up Soul Sessions you receive more (both practical and spiritual) guidance, while stepping into your inspired actions to realize your soul desire (dream).

A package of 3 follow up Soul Sessions (1,5 hour each) is available at any time after your initial Soul Session.

€ 333 (incl. VAT)

Others about the soul sessions


CarmenNiederhausen, Germany

From my heart, I only can recommend Anouk’s Soul Sessions highly to you. Only by talking to her and speaking your thoughts and feelings out aloud, you will immediately feel better. Anouk knows how to create a perfect atmosphere for that and is a very attentive listener and loving space holder. I asked Anouk for some help for a specific issue I felt very stuck with, but what I got was much more. Anouk’s approach is holistic, and she not only guided me towards a solution for my issue, but she helped me to dive deep and uncover the root cause working through in my whole life. It’s not the easiest way to go so deep, but is has definitely been life changing. Already immediately after our first session I had some major eye-opening epiphanies. Sometimes you feel stuck in life and you don´t see things clearly anymore….. Anouk is the best coach to help you find clarity again, so that you feel confident again in taking your steps forward on your life path. She’s really there for you. With a smile and her whole loving heart, she will guide you back on your path. Thank you, dear Anouk!

LindaAmsterdam, The Netherlands

In the recovery from burnout, I felt very lost and insecure about myself and my future. That’s when I booked my Soul Session(s) with Anouk, who I had followed on Instagram for a while. Which was the best decision, and working with Anouk became the most insightful period in my life. I discovered so much of my self and about how it is possible to live more free and to be really yourself, when you recognize and let go of your negative patterns and blocks. Anouk coached me in a very positive and light way, she is really a great example for all women on how to be free and live the best version of you possible. I am ready now for a “bright future ahead” as she always says.

Sophie・Antwerp, Belgium

I’m so thankful for Anouk’s coaching! I feel I’ve made more progress in the 4 Soul Sessions we did together than I did the whole year before. I had my question clear, that obviously helped, but I never expected to find the ‘answer’ in such a short period of time. Anouk has a great way of asking short, seemingly simple questions, but when you find yourself struggling to answer she has the talent of poking through resistance. When working on me by myself I for certain would have quit at that point, thus not working through those blocks and still being hindered by them. I found the coaching sessions joyful, empowering and a nice mix between intense and fun. I loved the homework she gave me, enough to make a lot of progress but without it overwhelming me in my daily life. Some practices sound like a tiny effort but I’m amazed at the profound impact these have. I got way more out of the Soul Sessions than I ever anticipated, I would dare to call it life changing. Merci, Anouk!