We are all here to share our magic!

Soulfuel Your Life is about living in alignment with your soul. It is about allowing yourself to live according to your innate soul power and your own inner wisdom. Letting your soul shine through in all you do, so that you can fully show up in (and for) your life – to do what you’re here for on this earth. Because I believe we are all here for a reason!

With Soulfuel Your Life I offer you the guidance, inspiration and tools to really step into your transformation, to truly make that shift your soul so desires.

My approach to life and to coaching is one of ‘practical spirituality’. Keeping it both real and inspirational. Holding space for you. For you to explore and break through all that’s holding you back. For you to unravel who you really are, to reclaim your soul power, to unleash your magic, so that you’re able to fully live up to your soul mission. To create the life you are meant to live.

Ways to work together

Join me on a transformational Soulfuel Your Life Journey (group or solo).

Or book an in-depth 1:1 Soul Session for more clarity and direction in your life.

About me

Anouk Hummel

“Be open to anything and attached to nothing”

This is the motto I aim to live by. As I believe that when we allow space for life to unfold, that is when the magic happens! I have an innate sense of curiosity and an insatiable drive to deepen my experience of life. And I belief the real purpose of life, for all of us, is to grow and to expand so that we’re able to play out our personal soul mission.

My main life values are: joy, authenticity, freedom, connection and (feminine) leadership. These values are my inner compass in life and therefore they are also the building stones of Soulfuel Your Life.

I have a catching lust for life. So working with me means I take you with me in my enthusiasm and my lively energy to discover new truths and explore new life experiences. As a sensitive and intuitive coach I see you, I feel you, I know you and I believe in you. I was once where you are now. I am your supportive, encouraging and heartfelt partner all the way. I guide you with loving kindness and gentle determination, allowing you to discover and receive the insights and the clarity you need to move forward on your journey of life.

My biggest and boldest dream is a world in which authenticity is the norm – a world in which every single one of us shows up fully and shares their magic!

My own journey

My personal soul mission.

Soulfuel Your Life is the embodiment of my personal soul mission. It is the result of a long and meaningful journey. A journey that commenced when I started to recover from a massive burnout. At that point I knew something needed to change in my life. But what exactly? And how? I had no idea! So life went on, as it does, but what was different was that since then I wasn’t able to shake off this niggling feeling that there must be more to life than I was getting out of it. I embarked on the path of yoga and meditation, which led me to also explore many other means of self-discovery, personal growth and spiritual transformation. And this meant I started to connect to myself and to life in a way I wasn’t aware was possible.

I started to remember who I truly am, reconnected to my inner truths and I (re)discovered my magic. Which allowed me to live more intuitively and authentically – from my heart and soul in stead of my head, and from a place of love in stead of fear. And this changed, I would say…. everything! My own journey has been one of falling and rising, of joy and tears, of painful yet meaningful events, of success and learning. And it eventually led me to receive and embrace my personal soul mission; guiding and inspiring other women on their journey to create the life they are meant to live. Because I believe that when we all fully and authentically show up in our lives and share our magic, the world becomes a more beautiful place!

Free Orientation call

Ready to Soulfuel your Life? Let’s meet online and explore if we can journey together.

Free Orientation call

Ready to Soulfuel Your Life? Let’s meet online and explore if we can journey together.

My credentials

I am a certified and experienced NLP-based Holistic Life Coach (Academy for Holistic Coaching – Amersfoort, NL). I also have received certifications in Yoga Therapy (Svastha Yoga – Chennai, India), Chakra Psychology & Intuitive Reading (School of Life – Amsterdam, NL), Yin Yoga & Chakra Studies (Yoga Garden – Amsterdam, NL) and Reiki Usui (José Antonio Manchado, Spain). My coaching style and approach is deeply enriched and infused by these different disciplines and teachings.